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My September Tweet Page About 'Breaking Emotional Negativity'
* New * How we break emotional negativity and avoid getting stressed out about it.

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For local charities in Music & Dancing I have attracted many visitors for over 14 years to many websites for events, venues, bands & artists.

Project 2020
Added in events for 2020 and some 2019 pics & videos, which hopefully will be repeated in 2020.
Actor Gary Broughton has been filmed on Eastenders and as a survivor of Cancer has raised money for UK Cancer Research...
Poplock Pauls 'Self Defence Community' such as 'Ladies Self Protection' and 'Night-workers Advanced Self Defence' as well as raising awareness and charity...
Also, Radio Respect - Updates include; Jeanette Campbell-Murray with music from film and theatre...

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Updated 5th Aug 2020 - added stats link & info to where you could comment and link in your website for free traffic and link back to your own website if you wish to do so freely.

Below are pages I wish to keep but transfer them all to newer pages, the links still work and are still getting visitors from my site and I get feed back on occassion as to how these websites are helpful and provide info & help as well as fun. This links go back 2017 & 2018 but still work when checked on Wednesday the 5th August 2020.

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You will find some links to my friends websites, soundcloud or even Youtube Channels. Any activity such as click throughs by my Fan Friends is recorded and you should see a 'Stat-Page' link to show how many people click through to my friends websites be it a site like soundcloud or YouTube - this is one of my ways of promoting, the links may also be shown on my other sites which I own.

Dance information on Hip Hop and related styles
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The older dance styles that were created in the 1970s include uprock, breaking, and the funk styles.
The funk styles refers to several street dance styles created in California in the 1970s such as roboting, bopping, hitting, locking, bustin', popping, electric boogaloo, strutting, sac-ing, and dime-stopping.

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Updates include...
Poplock Paul rocking & dodging to Busta Rhymes 'Dont touch me' track.
David Hartshorne, Freelance Writer helping solopreneurs build their online presence.
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