Does Pirate Poplock Sail Again ?

Is this the end of Poplock Paul or will he go rogue and join with the Pirates? - Follow his advenures in the face of danger, boredom and the futility of life. Thanks for visiting and please retweet, I'll retweet anyone as I track my posts and maybe even add you to one of my retweet pages.

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It seems my plans to become a clown have been replaced by being a Pirate, clowns are not as popular now with all the pranks and especially after the film 'IT' with the killer clowns. But having dressed up as a Pirate and walked the streets of Bognor Regis and, visiting several bars on my travels it seems everyone loves a Pirate.
Just as well as I was intending to be a Rogue Entertainer at the 'Rox Around The World' event in 'Hotham Park' on Saturday 13th May 2017 !!
Due to postal problems I had more Pirate props than my intended Mardi Gras props and as Pirates are Rogues it seemed a good idea to pop along as a full Pirate than a partial Mardi Gras Rogue which was a pity.
So as a Rogue Pirate and seeing I was billed as a 'Poplock Paul the roaming freestyle' it seemed a good idea.
Working with everyone and helping was easy enough, and everyone especially the kids enjoyed the Pirate outfit, and yes there was many puns from people like 'Have a good Arrr-fternoon' - No really, that was my favourite actually.
Pirate Poplock was supposed to be a 1 day idea, maybe to surface every year but, I have a feeling that my Pirating days are far from other, with possible video ideas and charity events like the planned

'Charity Event' for Manchester Terrorist Victims


Landlady Donna of the 'Oxford Bar'

that can be found in the high street of Bognor Regis.
Hopefully I can post more news about this event soon...
Dancing Pirate Poplock

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