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Beauty, cosmetic & personal care in Bognor, West Sussex, United Kingdom - You will find an appointment availability feature so once you visit this page you can choose a time - you can ask questions from this FaceBook page and get an answer - there are some good reviews - also quite a few pictures so you can see the before and after examples - replies within minutes - With good reviews like these I can see only good things for Sasha Alexandra and her Customers.

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As Sasha is one of us I'd like to promote her services as she is hard working, and whilst I think she will make what ever she puts her mind to, this is a thumbs up from me and hopefully you can tweet this page to your friends or share it on your media. As part of Project 2020 I am promoting the services of my friends, fellow artists, etc.

Dancing at the Aviator on Sunday 25th August 2019 Great day dancing & drinking, fun times.

I am reviewing this website because Sasha Alexandra has been one of Bognor Regis's latest rising STAR and works hard. I have had the pleasure of dancing with her and we have shot some pictures and videos, Sasha has some great dance moves and is always motivated. I believe it was the Aviator On The Prom Event that we met and had a couple of dances. Sasha is always out and shines brightly, she certainly fits in and makes an event seem really nice, she has a kind heart you will find.

These pages are created for my fellow Artists and the first few pages withing 10 to 14 days have already gone into top pages of Google, pages such as MasqueRox got into 4th and 5th places on page 1 of Google for Bognor MasqueRox and other pages have also hit first page. I believe the visitors from my site and from Google will push this page and Sasha Alexandras page up - Google Search 'Beautify By Sasha Alexandra'

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