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Click to find out about Actor Gary Broughton
Actor Gary Broughton has been filmed on Eastenders and as a survivor of Cancer has raised money for UK Cancer Research and even danced with local dancers with Poplock Paul and starred in a video or two but that is another story !!

British Combat Association
British Self Defence - Paul is in the process of opening a 'Self Defence Community' such as 'Ladies Self Protection' and 'Night-workers Advanced Self Defence' as well as raise awareness and charity !!

Click to find out about Get Bognor Social
Get Bognor Social - A fun group I have had Coffee & Chats with and they are in the fight against Loneliness & Social Barriers !!

Click to MasqueRox 2020 Event Info
MasqueRox 2020 - Updates include; Rox Trailer About May 2020 Event, MasqueRox 2020 is planned to take place on 2nd May 2020 and I hope to be there with camera and other fellow artists, who knows what will happen but I am sure it will be a blast !!

Click 'R' for October 2019 Radio Respect & GBS Index Page
Radio Respect - Updates include; Jeanette Campbell-Murray with music from film and theatre 05 OCT 2019 on 'RADIO RESPECT'

Beautify By Sasha Alexandra FaceBook Page
Sasha Alexandra - A review and indeed a link to a FaceBook page for you Ladies which is taking Bognor Regis by storm, please click and read as I am sure you will find it of interest...

Update Page for posting err, Updates !!
I will be using this to post into media after I have updated details from time to time...

Click For my YT Video collection
YouTube - Currently my YouTube video collection contains some 231+ videos going back about 7 years, I had to delete some but I'm trying to keep and progress in my 'Martial Art Dance' and film technique. Whilst this is mostly a dance project which I started seriously way back in 2007 I actually learned in May 1984 back in Portsmouth from Dean Defrittious at the 'Greenhouse' in Southsea whilst recovering from a serious injury.

Z - I was going to use this as a list page but that no longer has a point so I guess I could add a page for Zulus, zepplins and zebras !!

I will be adding other Artists to this website over the next few weeks, a few pages a week I shall add until I have as many or all fellow Artists mentioned here somewhere, thanks for your help and support...

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