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I'm trying out this Speak-pipe service which seems to help listening to and replying to visitors questions.

I have updated my contact system with this voicemail service, easier to reply too for games etc. I have updated 'Project 2020' pages with fellow artists such as Artists, Dancers, etc:
I'm going to create a 'Voicemail' box for voice-overs to be used in future videos, most possibly with 'Video-Characters' that I will be using in future videos, I have tested the idea out and it seems to work rather well so will be using and indeed extending it into online interviews. This will save a lot of time shooting videos where people do not like where they keep messing up videos by doing things like saying 'um' & 'Er' when they are on video. Now people can record their voice and re record their voice mail before sending the final recording. This saves time on my part and is now the problem of any one who is not sure of their ability to speak on camera.

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