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You can view the recorded visitors via this link to a Sussex website link below but, I have sent many visitors to what could be YOUR websites through my writing & videos in the past & still do. I have many pages & sites that have & are still sending me many visitors every day, week, month and years. The stats above are from the link below, it could be a link to your website - details to submit your website is to leave a comment & website link on the link target website 'Sussex259-dot-com' website.

I have seen many web ventures fail, once a website is up after a month or two most people lose interest & quit. Here I am testing to see how many visitors I can attract to possibly your website from my websites?
For local charities in Music & Dancing I have attracted many visitors for over 14 years to many websites for events, venues, bands & artists.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get!
I wanted to share these websites of which some I have found very interesting or and useful, hopefully you will find the info you are looking for or service in this collection of what we consider to be very useful websites & services indeed.

Currently I have added to my collection of fine websites:
Minecraft for gamers world server which you can join & play freely, a radio show website & its podcasts, Dj's and their music sessions, some of which you can still access and some hip hop musical dance videos.
Whilst we have spent some time finding, checking them then adding to this fine collection of websites not all of them might not appeal or satisfy your demand for info-tainment type of material. However, we have tried to find good content that is family friendly which should not offend you so no xxx material or indeed any racialist or hate material either. We have done our best to find you the best material we deem to be also fit for viewing.

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Please feel free to check out latest MA & Dance videos on YouTube.
You will find a great collection of YT Videos mostly about dancing, some are funny and some are more serious, some events and venues are covered...

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