Facebook Aviator Video Clip August 2019

A short dance clip of a solo dancer joyfully grooving away...

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Enjoy old and house classics and remixes, please retweet, like and share
@poplockpaul 'Awesome mix indeed, thanks Andy for sharing'

To dance or not to dance, that is the question, awesome short 2 minute 11 sec video worth watching...

Please visit & read fellow tweeter @tomo1ftb and his posts, we play Colony Survival & he has a blog which I am in too - Thanks Tomo and hope to catch up on the dance floor when we throw some shapes again (GRIN)

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Read the watch the latest music dance videos and share the fun...

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This page was created on 11th November 2018 - Updated on 12th September 2019 - for sharing friends and fellow tweeters posts as well as a few of mine and friend fans. From DJ Andy music to the moves of Poplock Paul we share these links here and on my network and we get a lot of traffic so here is to sharing the web traffic juice. If your here on this page this is my way of saying thanks for being a friend or something Please visit the stats page and that of the 2017 and hopefully, all being well you'll get thousands of views on your link and hundreds of click throughs and that should reflect on your link be it a video, music or web blog site. Please feel free to tweet and share as well as look at the stats from time to time as this is something I do on the side. In the future who knows what my Web Estate will look and what other web blog sites I'll build.

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